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Our History

The company CLIMACO LTD was founded in 1997 by Costas Papachristoforou with the aim of providing installation and maintenance services for mechanical works. The company's principle is to offer Cypriot consumers materials of excellent quality with proper application and durability.

  • LPG
  • Heating

CLIMACO has the right choices and the right solutions to every need of your space. Smart solutions for a pleasant, healthy climate and energy savings. In addition, it offers a guarantee for technical support and immediate service to all its customers, throughout Cyprus by selected partners.

Cooperation with Coral Gas

Coral Gas, has been active in Greece since 1965 and is the continuation of Shell Gas Hellas, after the acquisition of the activity of the second by the Motor Oil Hellas Group in 2010. It is the most innovative and perhaps the largest gas company in Greece with sales to over 1,000,000 customers. In 2017, Coral Gas Cyprus Ltd, a 100% subsidiary of Coral Gas Hellas AEBEY, was established in Cyprus, with the aim of operating in the LPG sector in Megalonisos. From the storage area in the Larnaca area, Coral Gas ensures the continuous and uninterrupted supply of LPG to its customers, throughout the Territory of the Republic of Cyprus.
As in Greece, so in Cyprus, Coral Gas puts safety above all else. This was the main reason that led to our cooperation.


Because LPG is the future

The main volume of work of the company is the study, design and installation of SAFE gas networks both in the industrial sector and in facilities in homes for heating and hot water, restaurants and hotels. The experience of human resources and the need for proper and safe facilities, gave the company a competitive advantage over other companies in the industry, and made it a leader in the Cypriot market in matters related to the correct and safe use of LPG.

Guided by the safety mainly of the people themselves but also of the property of its customers, the company faithfully implements the European directives and standards regarding the gas installations, a fact that enables it to minimize the case of error in an installation. CLIMACO ensures an uninterrupted supply of LPG 24 hours a day for your home or business, safely wherever you are. Discover the advantages of LPG and leave it to us to study, design and install LPG systems for heating in all types of premises. With a large selection of German LPG burners, boilers, specialized components and materials that cover all the needs of LPG networks, we make sure to offer solutions that fully meet the specialized needs of the customer.


Since 2004 the company Climaco Ltd is also a pioneer in the field of education, in terms of gaseous fuels, successfully organizing gas seminars. The keynote speaker is Mr. Konstantinos Paspalas, scientific associate of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the Polytechnic School of AUTh, representative of Greece in the European standardization committees for gaseous fuels and keynote speaker of the Greek technical regulation for LPG.

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    Since 2004, Climaco Ltd has also been a pioneer in the field of education, in the field of gas fuels. Also present at our meetings were representatives of the government, the municipalities, the Electromechanical Service, officers of the Fire Service, representatives of the Labor Inspection Department, insurance companies and oil companies. Our company cooperates with CYS and ETEK for the seminars. For the last 12 years CYS has been represented in the European Commission CEN / TC 286 (Liquefied Petroleum Gas Equipment and Accessories) with Costas Papachristoforou the owner of the company.