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:: Heating and Cooling Systems ::

Decorative PicCLIMACO-Hitherm has been developed to become a healthy heating and cooling system for progressive consumers that care about high design and environment friendliness.


The system is environment friendly; it can operate on any source of energy (i.e. solar power), therefore it limits energy consumption and consequently minimizes pollution.


CLIMACO-Hitherm has been designed to hygienically supply heat, while it operates on low temperature. It can be modified in order to fit the space and shape of your room, without adding extra width to the wall. It can also be readjusted in case you need to refurbish the room.

CLIMACO-Hitherm supplies heat at the right temperature, according to the human body. It does not use air thus it does not produce dust. It does not affect the air of the room, hence it ensures a healthy and pleasant climate.

:: CLIMACO-Hitherm Advantages ::

  • Flexibility to adjust to any surface
  • Environment friendly
  • Pleasant climate
  • Fast and natural warmth
  • Energy saver

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