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:: AGNEWS Gas Firewall ::

Decorative PicAgnews Firewall flueless CE Mark operate with gas and are the new heating solution for modern internal spaces. They combine modern technology with unique design. The result: a 100% operating fireplace which can be places almost in any wall surface.


AGNEWS logoTheir mechanism present lovely orange and yellow flames, that "dance" in an excellent and realistic way on the incandescent stove. Agnews Firewalls offer a big selection of colored frames in order to adjust them to your personal design profile. You can even change the color of the frames anytime you wish.

AGNEWS Firewall AGNEWS Firewall

:: Flueless flexibility ::

With the extra slim front, Agnews Firewalls offer you enormous capabilities as far as your room's space is concerned. They provide the ability to create a unique and impressive focal point, without the usual restrictions of a chimney.


:: Catalytic technology ::

Agnews Firewalls do not have chimney since they use a catalytic technology that cleans the burned wastes through a sealed compartment that exists inside the unit. Under regular usage conditions, the catalyst lasts up to 10 years before you need to replace it.



AGNEWS Firewall
AGNEWS Firewall AGNEWS Firewall
AGNEWS Firewall AGNEWS Firewall

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